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Evansville IN Newborn Photographer - Boy and Gender Neutral Names

Remember a couple weeks ago when I compiled a list of girl names? Did you all find some inspiration there? I sure hope so! Let’s dive into some boy and gender neutral names to get your creative juices flowing!


Bobbie - I’ve always loved this name as a gender neutral name! I think either way you go this is the perfect name for a cute and spunky little one! I found several different meanings of this name, most coming from the name Robert, but one that I liked was ‘bright and famous’.

Charlie - Another super cute gender neutral name! I actually think I know more girl Charlies vs. boys! According to the experts, this name actually means ‘man’. But I wouldn’t let that steer you away from naming your sweet baby girl. I love this name!

Frankie - Gender neutral, and cute as can be! This name stems from Frank or Frances, essentially meaning from France, or ‘free one’. I love that!

Holland - I didn’t find any significant meanings here, but it definitely originates from the Netherlands! Give your babe a little geography lesson here? If that’s your thing of course ;) I think this name can be super pretty for a girl, and very handsome/masculine for a boy. Love it!

Nicholas - Who wouldn’t wanna be friends with a guy named Nick!? Anytime I hear the short version of this name, I feel like I would be talking to someone fun, outgoing, and just down right awesome. A greek name meaning ‘victory of the people’, this name is strong! Also, you can totally tell your kiddo that his name came from Santa Claus himself… (St. Nick)…am I right!?


Jackson - With different spelling variations, this name is darn right adorable. I’ve seen this name blow up over the past few years, and I totally understand why! Other than coming from President Andrew Jackson, this name is known to be a Scottish name meaning ‘God has been gracious; has shown favor.’

Bennett - I love love love this name! There’s something about it that sounds so distinguished and charming. This name comes from the Latin name ‘Benedict’ meaning ‘blessed’. The meaning just speaks for itself.

Wells - Other than meaning a literal well, spring, etc., you could play around here with a deeper meaning behind it. Filling your ‘well’ with love, joy, etc. Maybe I’m reaching there? Either way, this is a cute, cute name!

Lincoln - This name is usually given out of honor of dear President Abraham Lincoln. In my opinion, it’s strong, humble, and compassionate. The perfect name!

Lucas - There’s a geographical meaning behind this name, (Lucania, a southern region in Italy), but it s most commonly used from the name ‘Luke’, the doctor and saint in the Bible. So much rich history to this name!

Cashen - Okay. I’ll be honest, this was the first time I’d ever heard this one! I cannot for the life of me find a meaning, which could be so perfect for you if you’re the creative type. Create your own meaning for this name, or just go with it because you just love it. Who cares! It’s unique, cute, and definitely a keeper.

Jude - Oh I love this one! Shortened version of the names ‘Judah’ and ‘Judas’, the Hebrew meaning of this name is ‘praise’. Just perfect!

I hope this list gave you new and expecting mamas some inspiration. If you missed the girls name list, you can find that here! Have any other name ideas? Comment them below!