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Evansville, IN Newborn Photographer - Baby Girl Names

A few days ago I asked you all what your favorite baby names were! I decided to compile a list to share with new or expecting mamas. I know how challenging it can be choosing the perfect name for your little, so I hope this list gives you a little bit of inspiration. Let’s dive into the girl names! Need some boy and gender neutral inspo? Head over here!


Annie - A sweet name meaning “prayer”. This is such a sweet and simplistic name that has been describe as simple and elegant. A perfect choice!

Rosie/Rosemary - From the flower we all know and love so well, this name is full of beauty, love, and depth. Rosemary comes from the herb and means “dew of the sea”.

Kate - A short and sweet name meaning “pure”. Those named Kate are said to be leaders and have strong personalities. A wonderful name for your strong baby girl!

Jane - Meaning, “Gift from God”, this name is the perfect match for your little gift. It’s the feminine form of the name ‘John’. Those named Jane are said to be creatives who express themselves well.

Zoe - The name matches the meaning - Life;alive! Every time I hear this name I think of a spunky and energetic girl who is full of life and joy! An adorable name for your lively little girl.

Grace - The name is the meaning here. Grace is a beautiful message in life, and also means ‘“favor of God”.

Emma - A name given to a friendly, optimistic, and energetic girl, this name means “whole;complete;universal”. I’m sure the meaning of the name is exactly how you will feel holding her in your arms.


Ella - Short for Eleanor or Ellen, this name means “beautiful fairy”. So sweet for a little girl! Eleanor and Ellen are beautiful old fashioned names that are perfect for those wanting something classic.

Lila - This was one of my favorites on the list. A beautiful and unique name that means “of the people”. The Greek and Latin name mean “Lily”, which holds a special place in my heart (:

Mia - So the American meaning of this name is actually just the female abbreviation of Michal, but don’t let that make you run! Another meaning for this name is “Wish-for-child”. If this child is everything you’ve wished for, Mia is the perfect name <3 And it’s super cute!

Laynie - Another adorable name, and the meaning is “Light;Truth”. Can’t get much better than that, right?

Cloe - Said to be a biblical name, and the meaning is “green herb”. Interesting fact, this name was given to the Greek goddess of agriculture, Demeter. Full of ancient history and beauty.

Dahlia - This was one of my names from the list, and I love it! Maybe because I’m a sucker for babies named after flowers ;) I always imagined ‘Dally’ as a sweet nickname! This name means, “Of the valley”.

Violetta - This name stems from the flower name ‘Violet’. An English name after the beautiful purple flower. Again, you can’t go wrong with naming your baby after beautiful flowers!

Margaret/ Margo - With Margo or Maggie as a cute nickname, this name is classic and precious! This name means, “Name of a saint”, but I love the Greek meaning, “Pearl” (another beautiful name!).

Claire - This name means, “Clear; bright”. They say that people named Claire are full of energy and thrive off of community and being surrounded by others. A sweet name for your baby!

There ya have it! Beautiful names for beautiful babies. Good luck with your name search mamas, and come back soon to read the list of boy and gender neutral names soon <3