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Newborn, Family, & Maternity Photographer in Evansville & Newburgh, IN

Evansville, IN Family Photographer - The Benton Family

This family…the sweetest people I tell ya! I’ve known Breanne for several years. She and I were on the same swim team for a while and we’ve stayed in touch via social media over the years. I’ve always loved seeing her beautiful posts of her family, so I was super excited to photograph all four of them together in their quaint downtown apartment!


There’s something very intimate and sweet about in home sessions. Our homes are safe places. Our havens. Our place of comfort. To be invited into a family’s home is precious to me and I feel honored to photograph people in the comfort of their own space. The space they do life in every single day. The space where so many unseen memories are made. It’s insanely special, and I love it.


So whether it be cuddling on the couch, baking yummy treats, playing with toys, tickle fights, blanket forts, or just acting goofy - I’m honored to be a part of those moments that may seem mundane in our everyday lives, but it’s those very moments that become the most missed memories as time passes.


John and Breanne, I cannot thank you enough for letting me capture a glimpse into your everyday lives. You all live life so simply, and so well. Much love to you both and your sweet babies <3