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Evansville, IN Newborn Photographer - Behind the Scenes - Froggy Pose

Most of us have seen it...the adorable newborn pose where baby looks as if they're holding their little head in their hands. The chubby cheeks and pouty lips give us all the heart eyes! If you didn't know already, baby is not actually holding themselves in this position. If a baby was ever positioned in this way without being supported, they could immediately topple over and injure themselves. I'll give you a little behind the scenes look into how baby Lily was properly supported during the creation of this pose:

Froggy pose, or head in hands, is achieved safely by taking two photographs where baby is supported by the hands and chin, and then again by the head. In this first photo you can see I held Lily's wrists to support her head from falling over or straight down. If I were to let go, Lily's chin would likely fall straight down putting too much pressure on her tiny wrists, or compromising her neck and airway. Newborns do not yet have the muscle strength to hold their own heads up, so it's very important to give them that support while working with this pose.


In this second photo you'll see I'm supporting the top of Lily's head. There is no need to squeeze the sides of the head here, but I'm simply offering just enough support so that the weight of her head once again, doesn't compromise her wrists, neck, or airway. This also keeps her head from falling forward, back, or off to the side.


Both of these photos were taken within seconds of each other and there was never a moment where my hand was not on Lily supporting her. From here, I took both of these images into Photoshop and combined them leaving you with this final edited image!


Newborn safety is my primary goal during my sessions, right next to the parent's comfort level. Sometimes a baby just isn't having it with certain poses, and in that case I move along to something else in order to keep baby and parents comfortable. Froggy pose is one of those poses that if a baby is not very sleepy and settled, I likely will not even try it. By letting the baby lead the session, everything runs smoother, and everyone is much happier :)