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Evansville, IN Family Photographer - Happy Birthday!

Our "baby" boy is officially two years old today. I think back to the time of his birth and am blown away by how much he has changed in what feels like just a few moments.

Over the past two years I think Dawson has taught me more than what I ever thought he could. He's taught me patience and how to just slow down. When I watch him interact with people and the world around him I'm amazed. Not only amazed, but a little envious too. I wish that I could always see things the way he does with fresh eyes and a welcoming heart.

He's also taught me that parenting is HARD. I've lost my cool and I've questioned my motherhood skills countless times. I've questioned whether we're doing things "right" and what the heck that even means. This boy has kept us on our toes from day 1, but I've loved every moment of it. Even though parenting is scary stuff, when I see the joy on this little boy's face every day I'm reminded of what a beautiful gift from God he is. And when he holds his arms out for a hug or gives us random kisses for no reason, I'm reassured that we must be doing something right.

Dawson Michael, you are wild and reckless, bold and daring, loving and sweet, sour and spunky. You're perfect the way you are. I hope you never outgrow your sense of wonder and spontaneity. Thank you for loving us endlessly even when we fail as parents. I hope you know that our love for you could not possibly be broken or shattered no matter what you do or don't do. We love you to pieces. Preferably just one big piece though, because I'm tired of constantly worrying about you breaking every bone in your body on a daily basis ;)