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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

I hesitated wanting to do a post about this particular topic because I myself have not lost a baby, so I didn’t want to come across the wrong away. However, the women I have met who have lost babies are some of the strongest women I know and deserve to be honored. Any woman and family who loses a child, no matter the age, is someone who should be remembered. Someone who should be shown honor and respect. Someone who should never be dismissed, and who should always be shown love. This is also a difficult post for me to write because having two children of my own, my heart aches for those who have lost their babies. Words cannot accurately express the sorrow I feel and my hope for this post is to shine some light on the brave women and their families who have had to endure such a tragedy. If you yourself have lost a baby, I just want to say I love you. If you know someone who has lost a baby, send them your love, not pity, and let them know that they mean something to you and that their child is loved, safe, and never forgotten. Also know that while some women experience the joy of a “rainbow” baby after their storm, there are also women who have not experienced their rainbow yet. Be kind, be gentle, be respectful, and just be there in whatever way they need you to be. While I’m highlighting three women who have experieced a rainbow after their storm, I don’t ever want to dismiss those whose rainbow has not yet appeared. You are seen, heard, and loved.

There are three specific women I’ve had the pleasure of photographing in this past year who have all agreed to share their photos/stories with me about how they have endured pregnancy and infant loss. All three of these women are my heroes, along with every other woman who has had to go through this.

Johnna and her other babies honoring her sweet Maylynn. Here are some of her words:
”Maylynn Grace is my stillborn. She was born on January 21st, 2017. My hopeful words for other women suffering a similar journey is make sure you grieve for your baby and take all the time you need to but don’t stay there. God does not intend for us to stay forever in grievance. He wants you to lean on Him and draw strength from your mighty Father. You also need to trust in His plan He has for your life. Have faith that He knows best. Everything has a purpose! Your baby has a purpose! Your experience has a purpose! YOU have a purpose! Keep living momma & always remember your sweet baby! “


Kaitlyn and Drake with their rainbow baby, and two more baby boys on the way <3 Here are Kaitlyn’s words:
God is good and faithful. If you surrender your life to him he WILL bless you beyond measure. My journey with pregnancy/my babies are proof of that. Sometimes our future isn’t exactly what God has planned for us because it is even better than we could have imagined.”


Katie and family honoring and remembering their precious Evelyn. I love you and admire your strength, girl. You’ve been so open about your journey and are a light to others who are experiencing darkness.